Branding your packaging like a pro

When a company sends you goods that are in an unbranded box it doesn’t give you much confidence. You may wonder if they even developed the goods themselves or have their own storage and distribution, or perhaps you’re wondering whether they’re just a drop-shipper. In most cases, having items arrive in unbranded packaging is a little amateur, and no business should be doing this. Your company should get a feel for your brand, and have your logo, font and colour themes incorporated into the packaging helps deliver more customer satisfaction, and it allows the customer to really feel connected to your brand. It also improved brand recognition too so be sure to package like a pro if you’re looking to start a new business. Remember a brand is not just a logo on a website it’s everything about your company, and packing is one of those elements.

Choosing a colour theme that works for your business

When you’re creating a brand, one of the important aspects you will need to consider is your colour theme. Every business has its own unique identity and a colour theme can play a crucial role. Coca-Cola as an example is famous for its red and white branding, and that bold red colour is displayed on their product packaging, website and social media channels.

When you’re conjuring up your perfect colour scheme, you should consider colours that fall in line with your target audience. We’re not saying you should always be stereotypical, but if you’re a flower maker, you may want to avoid blacks and greys as these are not representative of the bright colourful flowers that your customers will come to know and love. You may also want to think about colours you feel reflect you, especially if you’re the driving force behind your business. Try making a few different colour schemes to start off with, and go from there. When you find that perfect colour or combination of colours you’ll know it.