Web branding: Do pop-up ads actually work?

In recent years, advertisements have become more obnoxious, pervasive and intrusive. According to a recent consumer survey report, pop-up advertisements have hugely interrupted the browsing experience in every aspect. Creepy pop-ups tend to stalk users with the same ad and brand in every website they visit.

Most Internet users feel interrupted, overwhelmed and stalked by digital pop-ups and they feel that advertising companies should come up with better strategies. However, many users have embraced ad blockers as a standard part of online browsing. These ad blockers are extremely common with over 198 million active users and over 500 million downloads. All these blocking sends a very clear message to advertising companies. Mobile users have also embraced this trend and over 419 million mobile users use an ad blocker on their phone. Therefore, all this blocking means that pop-up ads have become too intrusive and too annoying, so isn’t it about time companies looked at different options?