3 ways to revamp your business card.

Your business card says a lot about your business, handing out your business card during a network event is a fairly common procedure for business owners, therefore your business cards needs to be appealing, memorable and informative.

So how can you revamp your basic, dated card to bring it up to speed with modern business cards? We have listed 3 effective ways you can revamp your business card.

1. Add some colour – long gone are the days of simplistic white business cards. Adding a splash of colour can ensure your business card is easy to find and memorable.

2. Use both sides – only using one side of a business card is a wasteful use of valuable space. You could add a special offer or highlight your social media links.

3. Eco friendly card – now more than ever people are wanting to save our planet and living a more eco friendly life. Revamping your card and making it eco friendly is appealing to more potential customers.