Online Content Creation Tips to Help Build Your Brand

Getting your brand seen, recognised and trusted online or on social media, by the right people, can trickier than you might expect. Before users interact with your brand it can take them seeing it mentioned or advertised up to 13 times! So, it is important to ensure you are using these top tips:

Research your Audience
This is the number one key to content creation. If you do not know the who, how or when of your target audience, then you are wasting your time. Do your research and create 1-3 buyer personas.
• Who- who will want to see your content?
• How- what devices will they be using to look at your content?
• When- when will they be looking at your content?

Be consistent
Keep your visuals, language and tone consistent across your content and across platforms, to build trust in your brand. Create an online marketing plan that lists what this should look like.

Be dependable
Create a content creation and posting plan that is manageable for you and ensure that you stick to it, to build trust with your audience.

Utilise social listening to know what your potential customers need and want. Think about what problem you can solve for them with your product.

Always respond, in some way, to people who comment or interact with your content, even if it is just with a like. Encourage conversations and engagement with your brand.