How to Create Your Brand Voice

Before you start creating content for your brand, one important thing to consider is your brand’s ‘voice’. You need to consider how you will say things so that they are consistent with your brand and entice your audience to engage.

Tips to Creating Your Brand Voice

1. Take the time to construct and document the tone you wish your audience to perceive. Do you want to come off as comical, professional, knowledgeable etc?

2. Put words to the tone and get opinions from other on how those words and tones are perceived, to see if it matches what you are trying to achieve.

3. Ensure that you remain consistent with all of your content to build trust.

4. Be sure your chosen brand voice is transparent, genuine and honest to your brand.

5. Be sure your voice is being used on platforms that suit your brand.

6. Do not be afraid to adjust your brand voice overtime, as necessary.

Using these tips to create a brand voice will ensure you create content that is reliable, consistent and trustworthy to your users.