Actionable Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing may seem scary if you are new to marketing and can seem quite complex and challenging to keep up with if you are busy. 

The first thing you must never forget is that your email marketing follows your branding so that it is instantly recognisable as your business.

A strong subject line starts your success. Reports suggest that 30-40% of emails are opened based on the subject line alone. Using powerful words that inspire the recipient to take the action of opening the email or clicking a link. 

Getting an email from an actual person rather than a brand feels more friendly. Also, addressing the recipient by name makes them feel like more than a number on your mailing list. 

Preview text appears in most email clients after the subject line. It offers the chance to give more context to your subject line. Leaving it blank is a missed opportunity.  



Digital Design Trends for 2022

With the first month of 2022 nearly over, we thought it was a good time to look at some of the design trends set to hit our computer screens this year.

This year, San Serif font is stepping into the forefront after its reprise in 2021. This classic font has gained popularity by its looks on digital displays, whether small or large.

Memes are always popular, but in 2022 branded memes are set to become a big digital business. You need to be quick, though, as memes quickly fall in and out of favour, and it’s hard to predict what will likely go viral and which will flop.

Quotes have always been popular, with people sharing them all the time on social media, but in 2022 they are set to become huge again. Some companies, like Asana, already use quotes in their digital marketing regularly.

What is a logo?

Businesses owners are always asking, “Do I need a logo for my business?” Business owners often wonder if they have to invest in a logo or not.

What Is A Logo?
A logo is a visual representation of your business and is a powerful marketing tool. A logo can be a graphic mark, stylised name, an image or anything that your imagination decides as long as it represents your company.

What Do I Need A Logo For?
A logo makes a great first impression to a potential new customer, and it is a representation of your product or service.  It also helps returning customers find you and distinguishes you from your competitors.

How Long Will My Logo Last?
Your logo lasts for however long your company continues to provide the original product or service.  If your business evolves or changes its product/service base, then you would update your logo to fit that brand.

Online Content Creation Tips to Help Build Your Brand

Getting your brand seen, recognised and trusted online or on social media, by the right people, can trickier than you might expect. Before users interact with your brand it can take them seeing it mentioned or advertised up to 13 times! So, it is important to ensure you are using these top tips:

Research your Audience
This is the number one key to content creation. If you do not know the who, how or when of your target audience, then you are wasting your time. Do your research and create 1-3 buyer personas.
• Who- who will want to see your content?
• How- what devices will they be using to look at your content?
• When- when will they be looking at your content?

Be consistent
Keep your visuals, language and tone consistent across your content and across platforms, to build trust in your brand. Create an online marketing plan that lists what this should look like.

Be dependable
Create a content creation and posting plan that is manageable for you and ensure that you stick to it, to build trust with your audience.

Utilise social listening to know what your potential customers need and want. Think about what problem you can solve for them with your product.

Always respond, in some way, to people who comment or interact with your content, even if it is just with a like. Encourage conversations and engagement with your brand.

The effects of window display posters

Window display posters may not seem like the most innovative form of marketing or advertising. It’s a rather traditional method that has been improved over the years with new technology and design software, but the aim of the game remains the same, to grab attention and spread the word about a particular offer or line of products. By designing new window posters every month you can ensure you always have one key message to shout about, and keeping to this commitment will keep you on your toes. Just be sure not to push sales and offers too much because you may be considered a budget brand if you do so, and if only 10% of your items are on sale, people may walk into your store to be rather disappointed. This is why you should have one or two big sales every year and go all out, but no more, not if you want to maintain a positive reputation and sell products at standard rates more often than not!

Branding your packaging like a pro

When a company sends you goods that are in an unbranded box it doesn’t give you much confidence. You may wonder if they even developed the goods themselves or have their own storage and distribution, or perhaps you’re wondering whether they’re just a drop-shipper. In most cases, having items arrive in unbranded packaging is a little amateur, and no business should be doing this. Your company should get a feel for your brand, and have your logo, font and colour themes incorporated into the packaging helps deliver more customer satisfaction, and it allows the customer to really feel connected to your brand. It also improved brand recognition too so be sure to package like a pro if you’re looking to start a new business. Remember a brand is not just a logo on a website it’s everything about your company, and packing is one of those elements.

Choosing a colour theme that works for your business

When you’re creating a brand, one of the important aspects you will need to consider is your colour theme. Every business has its own unique identity and a colour theme can play a crucial role. Coca-Cola as an example is famous for its red and white branding, and that bold red colour is displayed on their product packaging, website and social media channels.

When you’re conjuring up your perfect colour scheme, you should consider colours that fall in line with your target audience. We’re not saying you should always be stereotypical, but if you’re a flower maker, you may want to avoid blacks and greys as these are not representative of the bright colourful flowers that your customers will come to know and love. You may also want to think about colours you feel reflect you, especially if you’re the driving force behind your business. Try making a few different colour schemes to start off with, and go from there. When you find that perfect colour or combination of colours you’ll know it.

Branding the boring bits

Branding your website, video and social media posts can be fun, and it’s always nice to see your content shared from other users when it has your logo and colours incorporated into them. That said, there are some very boring everyday items that need to be branded too, such as letters, warehouse packaging and price lists. These everyday items still need that brand incorporated into them, and they should look the part.

Everything that goes out your warehouse or printer is important, and it’s going to be noticed by customers and potential customers alike, so make sure some time and effort go into it. A letter with a nice branded heading will draw more people to open it and read it when compared to something in black and white without any logo or branding. This is why it’s important to look at the bigger picture of branding, whilst realising it’s not just for digital platforms.

What’s In a Brand Design Agency?

A major action for business people is the development of their particular brand. Your brand is your assurance to your client that you will be staying and will be reputable. A branding agency ensures that your key message is delivered clearly. It also generates an emotional relationship with your customers and drives the consumer to purchase your merchandise. It also serves to create a memory for the purchaser. Brands are essential, and an excellent brand design agency should be hired to help the entrepreneur develop the brand. Keep reading to learn some principles of making any major changes which are discussed below. Continue reading “What’s In a Brand Design Agency?”

Maintaining brand identity

Brand identity is very important aspect of building a business. It is vital that brand identity is established when the business is created. There are a few things to consider when creating a brand identity:

Logo- You should create a logo that is simple, creative and memorable, that way it is more likely to be recognised when seen on products, posters or at a glance.

Colour- Choosing a colour that represents your brand is key. This can then be implemented onto your website, social media business accounts, promotional flyers or products.

Typography- You should choose a style of writing that will help represent your brand, this should then be used on all written content for your business.

These are the three main elements that help shape a brands identity, that is why sorting this out during the creation of a business is so important. Brand identity helps old and new customers become familiar with your business and are more likely to return.