How Important is Consistency?

Consumers are progressively becoming more concerned in creating a trusting relationship with the brands they support. The biggest way to generate that much-needed trust is consistency. Consistency in all of the marketing content that you produce will help to establish that link between you and your customer. Four ways in which you can be consistent are…

1. Having a consistent ‘voice’. The way in which your content and responses to users are written should always be in the same tone. You need to decide what that tone is and keep it unchanging.

2. Any visual content you produce needs to be branded with your logo. You want people to easily identify that this content belongs to your brand.

3. Keep your visuals, colours and fonts consistent. Choose what type of visuals you wish to represent your brand and do not mix. Use colours that are associated with your brand and logo.

4. If you are sharing content created by others, ensure that it is relevant to your brand, service or products. If people are looking at your content, they do not want to be seeing things that are completely off-topic from what you represent.

Just remember consistency builds trust, trust is what keeps customers coming back.