How to Choose the Colours for Your Brand

Choosing the colours that will help represent your brand, business and products can be a very tricky thing and is more important than you may realise. Studies have shown that an incredible 84.7 percent of people buy a product based primarily off of colour. A judgement on whether or not to use a product or business based on colours can even happen subconsciously. Here are a few tips to help you in your choice.

• Choose colours through the perspective of your customer and how that colour reflects the tone you wish to portray.

• Use good colour combinations to enhance their impact.

• Be aware of how those colours may be interpreted in different cultures.

• You should not choose colours based on your own preferences. Your favourite colour may not set the appropriate tone.

• To ensure you stand out, try to avoid colours that are similar to your competitors.

To aid your decision, one additional thing to look into is colour psychology.