Is there still a place for flyers?

For decades flyers have been a popular choice of marketing for many businesses but with social media growing rapidly year by year and online marketing becoming the most popular way to advertise your business is there still a place for flyer marketing?

Studies show that although in a modern world everything is online that there is still a place for flyers, statistics state that almost 50% read addressed mail. Figures also suggest that addressed mail flyers are more effective than door dropped flyers.

Many businesses still user flyers to advertise and there are several reasons for this. Now more than ever they are cost-effective and you can be very creative with design to ensure your flyer catches the receiver’s attention.

A well-designed catchy leaflet is an invaluable tool in promoting your business. So, you must make sure your flyer is vibrant and eye-catching. And make sure you shop around for the best deal as many companies offer very competitive prices and offers.