The biggest trends in branding for 2023

Branding trends provide a window into how we react to the present. People are pleading with brands for authenticity, transparency, and honesty after a few turbulent years and growing dissatisfaction with the actions and inactions of brands. While there are numerous factors that could affect branding trends, one is that in the future, it will be important to demonstrate how your brand upholds its core principles.

Making a brand that transports consumers to a different era of history is the goal of Embracing an Era. It might be as current as the 2000s or as distant as the glitzy 1920s. Making a vision of a different period might be a way for people to escape from the chaotic and stressful present.

Visual imagination and eye-catching colour were used in overstimulated branding to grab attention and attract the senses. This style frequently makes use of vibrant colours, strong, distorted fonts, and overt iconography.